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First Lotus Exiges S rolls out of production line amid company turmoil

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Lotus is on shaky grounds at the moment. It has on its plate a CEO that was recently canned, revision of its future product plans, and a possible VW buyout. Despite all of these things, it is business as usual for the car manufacturer with the very first unit of the Exige S rolling of the production line.

The Exige S was first unveiled in 2011 during the auto show in Frankfurt. It is a supercharged, performance beast that just weighs 2,380 pounds and has an engine that can output 345 horsepower. It sports a V-6 force-fed engine just like what you can find in the Evora S. Basically the Exige S is a little car that has a big engine.

The V-6 has a displacement of 3.5 liters that can be considered a monster because of the car’s comparatively small body. The vehicle has two hundred pounds more than its 4-cylinder variant, the standard Exige.

The Exige S is still a very potent performance car despite the additional weight. The Exige S may hit the US shore as a track-only vehicle.

If you want to understand the architecture of the Exige S, why it does very well on the track and still being friendly to a driver who’s still learning, watch the video from Lotus below:

If you are among those keeping their fingers crossed for this brand, who knows, we might see a roadster version of the Exige S in a matter of several months.