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McLaren coming up with new F1 supercar by 2012

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

mclarenMcLaren will be releasing the new F1 supercar come 2012 or roughly two years earlier than its original release.

The new McLaren supercar is expected to come later this decade as the car manufacturer has its hands full setting up another company, creating the MP4-12C, and making sure they have a good network of dealers to sell their lineup.

According to insiders, the new F1 will be a revolutionary supercar which will be distinguished as such. This is the other side of the coin to its sibling the MP4-12C which receives criticisms for its unadventurous design lines.

The new McLaren F1 is being pushed by an excellent development program which could be the fastest and most efficient the car industry has seen so far.

The new F1 supercar will have a mid engine setup on its carbon fiber monocoque with a similar architecture to the MP4-12C. Despite the intention to be really radical, the car will still have traces of the F1 brood. It is also not clear if it will take the original configuration of the car where the driving seat is placed centrally.

The F1 on the works is expected to implement technologies that will put emphasis on keeping the weight of the car down.

McLaren has not released any information yet with regard to the powerplant of the F1 but I may possibly come with solutions for low emission.