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IED Tesla EYE Concept = Awesome!

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

When it comes to concept cars, most of them look weird, feel weird and certainly do not look like they are going to come to fruit but the brand new IED Tesla EYE Concept is actually one car that I think is going to go through.  This particular car – while different, is certainly a car that I am looking forward to seeing pushed through for production.

The cool thing about the IED Tesla EYE Concept is the fact that it is actually an all electric car, which is something that a lot of companies are focusing on right now.  Another thing that is cool is that this car was actually created by IED students – which is another benefit of it, as these students are brilliant.

You want a car that is going to last?  The IED Tesla EYE Concept is it.  Seriously.