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The BMW 5 Series - An Overview

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

What lies in a name? You would not say that for the BMW. The BMW is one luxury car that really understands what you need from your vehicle. It seeks to match your taste, style and fashion. With more than 90 years of history to back it up, this wonderful car finds its name in the most reputed automobiles in the industry. In the league of Benz, Porsche, Jaguar and Audi, the BMW stands out due to its appeal to both the super-rich as well as the average buyers.

For the BMW 5 Series, the company has launched its 528i Sedan. The beauty has four doors, with five passenger luxury seats. The BMW 5 Series is now available as luxury Sedan or luxury sports Sedan or luxury Wagon that comes in 6 trims. These can be classified right from 528i Sedan to the 550i Sedan. This American luxury is equipped with a 230-horsepower engine that has a standard 3.0 liter capacity. Its ratings show that it can achieve as much as 180-mpg in the city. On the highway, the specs are really good at 28-mpg.