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First Lotus Exiges S rolls out of production line amid company turmoil

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Lotus is on shaky grounds at the moment. It has on its plate a CEO that was recently canned, revision of its future product plans, and a possible VW buyout. Despite all of these things, it is business as usual for the car manufacturer with the very first unit of the Exige S rolling of the production line.

The Exige S was first unveiled in 2011 during the auto show in Frankfurt. It is a supercharged, performance beast that just weighs 2,380 pounds and has an engine that can output 345 horsepower. It sports a V-6 force-fed engine just like what you can find in the Evora S. Basically the Exige S is a little car that has a big engine.

The V-6 has a displacement of 3.5 liters that can be considered a monster because of the car’s comparatively small body. The vehicle has two hundred pounds more than its 4-cylinder variant, the standard Exige.

The Exige S is still a very potent performance car despite the additional weight. The Exige S may hit the US shore as a track-only vehicle.

If you want to understand the architecture of the Exige S, why it does very well on the track and still being friendly to a driver who’s still learning, watch the video from Lotus below:

If you are among those keeping their fingers crossed for this brand, who knows, we might see a roadster version of the Exige S in a matter of several months.

Lotus may launch Esprit Supercar by 2014, waits for DRB-Hicom green light

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

2013-lotus-esprit-conceptLotus might have been ranting on its Facebook account and have been accusing that Dany Bahar, its CEO, was missing in action but it has been trying to separate the facts and rumors surrounding the stories. Lotus is also focused on the planned launch of their sports cars in the future.

During the auto show in Paris back in 2010, Lotus unwrapped five concept sports cars which were all confirmed to hit the production pipeline. These concepts were the following: Elan, Eterne 4-door coupe, Elite grand tourer, and the Esprit Supercar. There is also the replacement for the bread and butter of the brand, the Elise.

The first among the bunch of the sports cars that will be rolled out is the Lotus Esprit supercar that is set to be launched by 2013. Changes to the plans were made though as we last heard.

Since the announcements back in Paris, the car manufacturer has been battling major hurdles like its parent company now being controlled by a private firm, losing its market for the Exige and the Elise in the United States, and its too much work on motorsports. The carmaker though is still pushing for their plans saying that they will be profitable in the next few years and hoping that the funding for their products will not be hampered.

During a recent interview, Dany Bahar shared that the Esprit launch was pushed back two years from now or on 2014. This forecast is the soonest possible but still adjustments might come especially as the brand still awaits the go signal from DRB Hicom which acquired the former parent company of Lotus, Proton.

The new parent company is still looking thru the books of Lotus and reviewing the ambitious plans of the sports car manufacturer. The work though at the factory of Lotus in Hethel in the UK have restarted.