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BMW Buzz: More details about the 2014 M3

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

You might have heard before that BMW is developing its new iteration of the M3 sedan as well as an M4 convertible and coupe. Spy shots of these vehicles have been floating around automotive circles but we still have about a year to wait for the production M offerings.

A recent report says that the next BMW M3 will be faster, lighter, and a bit more conservative in terms of styling.

2014-BMW-M3Most likely the V-8 under the current version of the M3 will be dropped because of the tighter rules on emissions and fuel efficiency. To replace it will most likely be a twin-turbo V-6 with three liters of displacement and based on the family of B58 powerplants. This will give the standard M3 and BMW M4 an output of around 444 horses and should easily get to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

According to a reliable source, the new powerplant is also highly tunable with reports saying that it can be tweaked to go 500hp thru an ECU reflash. This might indicate that the German carmaker will offer special editions of the new M3 with bumped up horsepower.

In terms of styling, we can expect some refinement of the current M models. The new M3 might be lower and a bit wider than its older sibling. BMW can also give the new models 19-inch rims for a more potent stance. Expect some carbon fiber elements and cool elements like brake calipers in blue and mirror caps made of graphite.

Most likely the new BMW M3 and BMW M4 will get carbon ceramics for their brakes. Rumors say that these will be come with gold painted calipers just to let everyone know that they cannot outbrake you on corners.

There are also words that transmission will come in the form of a manual six-speed or an automated manual seven-speed gearbox. The new M models will also be lighter than the current model. The new M3 might be 95 kilos lighter than the current version.

We can expect a near-production unit come fall and the new M3 will hit the production line by 2014.

2011 BMW 3-Series Coupe and Convertible — Beautiful!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

In this blog – we are constantly exploring everything that is difficult and strange and it has to be said that BMW is doing some things that I would not have expected to see out of this particular automaker.  Visually, these two particular cars done up right by BMW look the same – besides the lack of top but I can tell you for sure that they are different. 

Not only are these cars sporty looking, which is different from what BMW is used to doing but they are also switching up their entire body-style.  It is longer and a little wider and all around – it looks different. 

The engine is always a six-speed manual transmission and I can tell you for sure that when you are driving either one of these cars – you are going to look incredible and feel great.  No word on pricing or availability yet but I’ll keep you posted!

G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS reaches 228mph

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

BMW introduces the G-POWER BMW M5 HURRICANE RS, the fastest sedan in the world.

Another breakthrough by G-Power for enhancing the raging-fast BMW M5 and perked up two superchargers, fashioned pistons, intercoolers, and other few extras. The combinations gave way to a chart-topping 750 horsepower, and an amazing distance of 228 miles per hour as was recorded by the Brabus Rocket on their speed chart after their run in Papenburg, Germany’s ATP High Speed Oval, taking the spot from the Brabus Rocket bi-turbo V12.

Being named as Hurricane RS, it was engineered to have the engine configuration of V10 with the aid of ASA, Germany’s supercharger producer. It was also designed with the Mercedes Benz CLS as its pattern (but I guess the BMW Automobile people were more into this!)

Created with aero innovations, suspensions wrapped in coil and reliable high-performance package of braking system, the Hurricane RS is revved up with Michelin Pilot Sport SP2 wheels to guarantee speed and steadiness on the road.


The BMW 5 Series – An Overview

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

What lies in a name? You would not say that for the BMW. The BMW is one luxury car that really understands what you need from your vehicle. It seeks to match your taste, style and fashion. With more than 90 years of history to back it up, this wonderful car finds its name in the most reputed automobiles in the industry. In the league of Benz, Porsche, Jaguar and Audi, the BMW stands out due to its appeal to both the super-rich as well as the average buyers.

For the BMW 5 Series, the company has launched its 528i Sedan. The beauty has four doors, with five passenger luxury seats. The BMW 5 Series is now available as luxury Sedan or luxury sports Sedan or luxury Wagon that comes in 6 trims. These can be classified right from 528i Sedan to the 550i Sedan. This American luxury is equipped with a 230-horsepower engine that has a standard 3.0 liter capacity. Its ratings show that it can achieve as much as 180-mpg in the city. On the highway, the specs are really good at 28-mpg.