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Bentley: More power out of the W12 engine

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

The fastest Bentley to roll out of the production line was recently launched in Germany. The luxury car manufacturer hinted that a more potent version of the Bentley W12 powerplant is on its way. The new Bentley Continental GT Speed has a 625 hp, twin-turbocharged 6.0L engine under its hood that can bring the car to 205 mph. A senior engineer of Bentley confirmed though that this engine can still crank out more.

The Bentley Speed maybe the fastest in the range but it is not the most powerful of the Continental GT lineup. The Supersports that was released back in 2009 was more potent at 630 horses. A similar version for the latest car can bring the figure up to around 650 hp. Even in its 630hp variant, the W12 can bring out 105hp for every liter, which suggests that more power can be extracted without harming the drivability or the reliability of the vehicle.

Bentley has engine reliability on top of its list. Among its tough durability tests for the W12 is a 100-hour session with the engine on full throttle. This test can be compared to a 20,000 mile run at 200 mph. They also did the scuff test where the engine was brought to the rev limiter range a hundred times within half a minute.

Both the Continental GT and the W12 powerplant have been essential parts of the successful Bentley formula. Since its roll out in 2003, there have been 26,000 units of the two-door coupe delivered to make the brand the most prolific maker of twelve-cylinder engines.