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Mercedes previews future infotainment technology with @yourCOMAND system

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Mercedes-Benz debuted its new high tech infotainment system when it unveiled the F 125! concept vehicle.

The COMAND system are aimed at people who are practically connected all the time, so the system has internet connection with access to some cool features. The functions of the @yourCOMAND are designed to make life a lot easier. You can program the navigation remotely, set the climate control of the vehicle from your mobile phone, and use gestures of your hand to operate important functions.

The system is still a few years away from getting into the production pipeline but Mercedes-Benz confirmed that they will be implementing a COMAND system by 2012. They added that this system is designed to be used by iPhone owners. Once your phone is connected with the system, users can get some apps that can send useful information to the display of the car which can then be used with the COMAND system.

If you do not own an iPhone, you should not feel left out as Mercedes also plans to tap the MirrorLink used by HTC, Samsung, and Nokia. There will also be a support so pairing different kinds of phone to the @yourCOMAND system will be a breeze without requiring pass codes or having to search for the device. These technologies might be on the market by 2013.

Here is a video about the COMAND infotainment system: