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2011 BMW 3-Series Coupe and Convertible — Beautiful!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

In this blog – we are constantly exploring everything that is difficult and strange and it has to be said that BMW is doing some things that I would not have expected to see out of this particular automaker.  Visually, these two particular cars done up right by BMW look the same – besides the lack of top but I can tell you for sure that they are different. 

Not only are these cars sporty looking, which is different from what BMW is used to doing but they are also switching up their entire body-style.  It is longer and a little wider and all around – it looks different. 

The engine is always a six-speed manual transmission and I can tell you for sure that when you are driving either one of these cars – you are going to look incredible and feel great.  No word on pricing or availability yet but I’ll keep you posted!