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New Lambo for Vanessa Rousso

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Poker celebrity Vanessa Rousso bought herself a new car: a used Lamborghini Gallardo – a yellow one. Bought in November to celebrate a successful year in her young career – Vanessa looks to drive in class through Sin City from now on!

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Toyota to Bring Etios Concept to India

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

The new year promises to be a good one for India, at least in terms of newly unveiled concepts for new production vehicles.

Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota all three have new concepts to unveil at the upcoming auto expo in New Delhi which will occur at the beginning of the new year.

We are going to take a look at Toyota’s entry into the market. They will be bringing in the Etios concept. Specifically, it will be revealed by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Limited. Two different models will get a debut, a four door and a five door version.

Either way, the Etios is classified as a compact vehicle, the production version of which is set to be available later in 2010.

EV Charging — Will It Get Vandalized?

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

volt-plug_300Now, I have to tell you guys that I am from Detroit.  In Detroit, as you probably already know, it is all about the urban neighborhoods and all about people parking on the street for lack of driveways.  Well, with the brand new Chevy Volt and the EV charging pads … what about the people that are parking on the streets?

One thing that I think many people are worried about is that there is a lot of crime in places like Detroit and Chicago and if you have a Chevy Volt or any car that needs EV to charge, you might run into a problem of your EV charger getting vandalized.

This is not only a huge concern of mine but of many – many people out there right now.  So what’s the solution?