The Mazda Furai Concept Makes Me Think Naughty Thoughts

Hot cha cha!  Mazda, man.  Mazda. Who would have thought  Mazda would have come up with a concept that looks so much like sex on wheels.  Good sex on wheels, if you will forgive me for TMI.

I mean, sure.  Over the years, Mazda has come up with plenty of cars and concepts that I like, that I think are cute or cool or what have you, but the Mazda Furai concept seriously makes me weak in the knees.

This racer, revealed last year in that steel machine of a city, Detroit, is a very racy interpretation of Mazda’s Nagare design, which was understandably award winning.

I don’t even have a lot to say involving specs and all of that, because frankly, I can’t stop drooling over my keyboard.  So if you all will excuse me, the Furai and myself need to be alone for a little while…

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