Codename: VI — The Hyundai Equus

Okay, I have to admit — Hyundai is one of those brands I do not really give much thought to most of the time. But the recently released second rendering of the Equus, codenamed the Hyundai VI in this context, really drew my attention — although I am not precisely sure why.

It is the second generation of the manufacturer’s luxury sedan, designed to be positioned before even the Genesis, which pretty much places it at the top of the manufacturer’s portfolio.

Its competition? Vehicles like the Mercedes S-Class, the Audi A8, and even the BMW 7 Series. Hardcore, am I right?

As you can see, the Korean manufacturer’s claims that this is a luxurious and powerfully styled car definitely come true.

The problem? It is not yet known whether this flagship sedan will be available in any of the overseas market. Bummer, right?

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