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Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

723-horsepower 1964 Lincoln Continental eBay is something that many – many car lovers are addicted to.  While GM had a great idea in the beginning, the only way that car-lovers everywhere are going to buy a car off of eBay is if it is a classic car.  Like this particular find, this is a 723-horsepower 1964 Lincoln Continental that is awesome!

This beautiful gem claims that there is more than one hundred thousand invested into this car.  As of right now?  The reserve was not met – at all and the bid is at thirty-grand!  While it might start slow, this classic car is certainly going to make some lucky bastard a very happy person.  Not only will you look beautiful in it, but this car is all about high standard.

While I think that some lucky car lover is going to be very happy with this particular purchase, it is going to cost you … I promise you that!

Friday, August 7th, 2009

For a while now, Volkswagen has been trying to merge with Porsche and finally – they have decided that they are going to merge together and while Porsche may hold over 50% of VW’s common shares along with options for another 20%, they will start the negotiating process soon enough.  VW is supposed to end up buying out about 45% of Porsche and Porsche will be sold under the VW name … which to me is something that I love.

VW is such a fantastic company, not only because they produce some of the best cars in the world, but they are one company that you can count on.  The customer service is absolutely beautiful and I think that VW is going to go far – especially with this merger.

Personally, I am so excited about this merge and I think that it is something that should’ve happened quite a while ago … honestly!