Nissan’s New 2010 370Z Roadster!

How affordable can a roadster really be? Pretty darn affordable, if you just happen to be talking about the 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster, which starts at a rather enviable $29,930. I do not know about everyone else out there, but judging just by looks alone, if I could get a car like this for less than thirty thousand dollars, I would most definitely jump at the chance!

Even the package deals are not incredibly expensive. For $34,460, you can get the Touring package, which includes six speed manual. For $35,760, you can get the Touring package with an automatic instead. This package also includes power seats, upholstered in leather with heating; Universal Transceiver; HomeLink; a Bluetooth phone system; a Bose audio system with eight speakers; XM Satellite Radio; not to mention countless other additions.

Of course, there are other packages to choose from as well, all of them fairly affordable, especially when you consider the base price.

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