Lexus IS C Is Coming Out With A Soft-Top!

If there is one car that I am absolutely looking forward to coming out, it is the Lexus IS C.  This car is going to be one cool car and while the Lexus SC430 was good while it lasted, the Lexus IS C is going to be that much bigger.  It is the season right now for convertibles and this particular convertible is going to be one hot mama as soon as it comes out.  The SC design has been around for so, so, so long that they are taking the Lexus IS C to the next level and I think that is absolutely incredible.

One big change that they are making in the Lexus IS C is the fact that it is going to have a soft-top, so you never have to worry about disassembling a hard-top convertible.  While the hard-tops are usually my favorite, I think that the Lexus IS C with the soft-top is going to quickly win me over with no problems at all.

So look for the Lexus IS C with the soft-top.  I can absolutely promise that this car is going to win your heart with just one drive! More Lexus Car information…

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