Ford Motor’s Impact on the US Economy

fordAll growing nations need a rock solid economy and the economy of any nation is governed by its industry. As more and more people find work, they help to contribute to the economic growth of the country and in this respect; the Ford Motor Company has helped the US Economy in a big way. Employing nearly 88,000 employees directly and millions more indirectly, Ford Motor Company has no doubt helped to shape the economy of the US in a huge way.

One can imagine more about this if they look at the total assets of the Ford Company that stood at a healthy US$279.264 billion in 2007 along with a total equity of US$5.628 billion. This is an amazing growth for a car company that had started way back in 1903 with just $28,000. This amount had been raised from twelve investors and among them were Horace Dodge and John Dodge who later on went to form the Dodge Motor Company.

This way one can say that even the contribution of the Dodge Motor Company towards the US economy was due to the initiatives of the Ford Motor Company. Being one of the few organizations that had survived the great depression of the 1930’s shows a lot in how Ford Motor Company had helped the US economy. Being one of the worlds most profitable company has also helped a lot. If one talks about the successes of the US economy, there is no way that they can leave out the name of Ford Motor Company.

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