Kia Soul’ster All Set for Production

The Kia Soul’ster was introduced at last month’s Detriot Auto Show as a mere concept vehicle, but due to the unexpectedly strong reaction of the crowd, this small yet very stylish two-door convertible-pick up combination is now in line for production.

Alex Fedorak, Kia Cars America spokesperson beamed at the wonderful response they got for the Kia Soul’ster. “The response was so overwhelming that Kia decided that it needs to take a closer look,” said Fedorak. “It is clearly a vehicle that was built as a concept in a fashion that was production-capable. We have been doing that more and more lately.”

While it is based on the bulky 2010 Kia Soul, a five-door hatchback, the Kia Soul’ster is aimed on a younger target market with limited budget. The sporty and outdoorsy design is the work of Kia Design Central America of Irvine, California with Tom Kearns as the lead designer and Mike Torpey in charge of the initial rendering. The roof covers only the front seats of the car leaving the rear seats covered only by a roll bar, which could get a little untidy during rainy season. But the rear seats are foldable giving the Soul’ster the cargo capabilities of a pick-up truck.

Promising of a smooth yet funky riding experience for young drivers, the Kia Soul’ster is pack with a 1.6-meter four-cylinder engine, which makes 120 horsepower, partnered with a five-speed manual transmission. In addition to this, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 140 horsepower is an option for those who want their first car a little bit more powerful.

Set to hit the market sometime this March, the price of the Kia Soul’ster will start at $13,995 plus shipping, KIA car insurance is very affordable!

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