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G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS reaches 228mph

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

BMW introduces the G-POWER BMW M5 HURRICANE RS, the fastest sedan in the world.

Another breakthrough by G-Power for enhancing the raging-fast BMW M5 and perked up two superchargers, fashioned pistons, intercoolers, and other few extras. The combinations gave way to a chart-topping 750 horsepower, and an amazing distance of 228 miles per hour as was recorded by the Brabus Rocket on their speed chart after their run in Papenburg, Germany’s ATP High Speed Oval, taking the spot from the Brabus Rocket bi-turbo V12.

Being named as Hurricane RS, it was engineered to have the engine configuration of V10 with the aid of ASA, Germany’s supercharger producer. It was also designed with the Mercedes Benz CLS as its pattern (but I guess the BMW Automobile people were more into this!)

Created with aero innovations, suspensions wrapped in coil and reliable high-performance package of braking system, the Hurricane RS is revved up with Michelin Pilot Sport SP2 wheels to guarantee speed and steadiness on the road.