Possible Cancellation of the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

An executive from the Japan Automobile Manufacturer’ Association (JAMA) revealed that there are debates going on about the cancellation of the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. Compared to past motor show, fewer non-Japanese automobile companies have agreed to participate on this year’s show because of the economic crisis happening worldwide. It is also noted that even Japanese automakers are suggesting the cancellation of the show.

Toshihiro Iwatake, the executive director and secretary general of JAMA disclosed that two companies are not confident in pushing through with the motor show in the midst of the global economic crunch. But he also stressed that an internal motor show is the beacon that serves as the symbol for the success of the automobile industry. If the show pushes through, it will show that the industry is striving, even healthy. He proposed that organizing as small show is way better than cancelling the entire thing, however, several JAMA member countered that a small show would make the industry look bad.

Scheduled to kick off on October 23, 2009, the 41st annual Tokyo Motor Show’s theme will be “Fun Driving for us, Eco Driving for Earth.” Nothing has been decided yet, but if the show will be cancelled, it will be announced next month. Once cancelled, the next Tokyo Motor Show will be on 2011.

Registration for the 2009 Tokyo show ended last year with some of the veteran exhibitors failing to register but late exhibitors will still be accepted. Some of automobile companies that failed to register are the following: Porsche AG, Rolls Royce and Land Rover, Nissan Motor Co, and Suzuki Motor Corp.

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