In Awe of the Audi Future Designs

Carmaker Audi tickles the imagination of the automotive world with sketch releases of its future production cars.

The German company released the drawing Monday, 27 October illustrations of the A5 Cabrio, A5 Sportback, the A7 coupe, and the futuristic A8.

The A5 convertible is due for first release as the industry had already glimpses of some spy shots. This car is expected to follow the entry of the S5 and A5 coupes which are already in short supply in the American market.

A Sportback version of the A5 is much anticipated following a more coupe get up with an S trim performance. An RS model is said to be on the production line in the future soon.

The released sketches also feature the Audi A7. This car is a 4-door coupe primarily designed to vie for position against the CLS of Mercedes-Benz and a BMW of the same class. Short overhangs and a low roofline will dominate the design of the A7. This car is foreseen as a 2010 release priding itself with a minimum 2.8L 204 horsepower engine to a overruling 4.2L V8 engine outputting 394 horsepower.

The next surprise from the company is the A8 belonging to Audi’s next generation carrier sedan. The prints reveal a sportier Audi sedan giving up the old conservative styling. Some even favor the A8 design as sportier compared to the A7. A variety of V6 and V8 gas or diesel engines will zoom this Audi on the road with its top S8 model having a 620 horsepower 5.0L V10 power plant.

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