2010 Ford Fusion Sedan

Prior to its official release at the Los Angeles Car Show,Ford reveals the 2010 Fusion Sedan and its sibling Mercury Milan bringing driving into another level of style and awareness to be eco-friendly.

The Fusion model of 2010 comes with a four powertrain option improved to have an output of 175 horsepower and 172 pound foot of torque. The 2.5L engine also features a variable intake and cam timing, electronic control of the throttle, and improved exhaust system. The 2010 Fusion is said to be 10% more efficient than its predecessor which performed at 20/28 city highway mpg.

The sport version of the Fusion 2010 with a Duratec V6 3.5L engine has a power output of 263 horsepower performing with a torque of 249 pound foot.

The Fusion and Milan will also carry the hybrid option of the Ford engines that can have a top speed of 47 mph. It uses a 2.5L engine that hits the scale at 155 horsepower with a 136 lb-ft torque. The hybrids are utilizing smart climate systems, improved nickel- metal hydride battery which is 20% more powerful, and uses regenerative braking.

The 2009 release of the hybrid also introduces the use of SmartGauge that provides an EcoGuide for drivers. The nice panel display gives a feeling of a video game. The more efficient use of gas pedal rewards the driver with a digital display of vines and leaves.

The gauge of the hybrids is also capable of displaying fuel economy, comparative look of fuel consumption, and the leaves and vines representing the ‘green” lifestyle of the driver by giving him a green car!

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