BMW Buzz: More details about the 2014 M3

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Land Rover gives 2013 Free Lander 2 with Limited Black and White Editions

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BMW Buzz: More details about the 2014 M3

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You might have heard before that BMW is developing its new iteration of the M3 sedan as well as an M4 convertible and coupe. Spy shots of these vehicles have been floating around automotive circles but we still have about a year to wait for the production M offerings.

A recent report says that the next BMW M3 will be faster, lighter, and a bit more conservative in terms of styling.

2014-BMW-M3Most likely the V-8 under the current version of the M3 will be dropped because of the tighter rules on emissions and fuel efficiency. To replace it will most likely be a twin-turbo V-6 with three liters of displacement and based on the family of B58 powerplants. This will give the standard M3 and BMW M4 an output of around 444 horses and should easily get to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

According to a reliable source, the new powerplant is also highly tunable with reports saying that it can be tweaked to go 500hp thru an ECU reflash. This might indicate that the German carmaker will offer special editions of the new M3 with bumped up horsepower.

In terms of styling, we can expect some refinement of the current M models. The new M3 might be lower and a bit wider than its older sibling. BMW can also give the new models 19-inch rims for a more potent stance. Expect some carbon fiber elements and cool elements like brake calipers in blue and mirror caps made of graphite.

Most likely the new BMW M3 and BMW M4 will get carbon ceramics for their brakes. Rumors say that these will be come with gold painted calipers just to let everyone know that they cannot outbrake you on corners.

There are also words that transmission will come in the form of a manual six-speed or an automated manual seven-speed gearbox. The new M models will also be lighter than the current model. The new M3 might be 95 kilos lighter than the current version.

We can expect a near-production unit come fall and the new M3 will hit the production line by 2014.

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Jules @ March 7, 2013

Land Rover gives 2013 Free Lander 2 with Limited Black and White Editions

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LR=Black-and-White-LR2-01Land Rover unwrapped a Black & White limited edition of the 2013 Freelander 2 that features bespoke styling elements and content.

The special edition Freelander 2 will only have a 600-unit run in the United Kingdom. It will only be available in Fuji White and metallic Santorni Black shades. The vehicle will have a turbodiesel 2.2L engine that produces 148 horses. The Freelander can be bought in either an all-wheel drive TD4 o two-wheel drive eD4 configuration. The TD4 variant offers an option for either an automatic or manual transmission.

The Black & White Freelander 2 variants were based on the S grade. They feature a front grille, door handles, and side vents in gloss black; 17-inch alloy rims; headlamps with integrated day time LED running lights; and privacy glass.

For the interior, the seats are hugged by cloth uphostery in Ebony black. Land Rover also throws in Bluetooth connectivity and a cover for the space at the rear in addition to the standard features of the Freelander S model. The standard Freelander 2 comes with electric windows, push button start, climate control, among others.

The special edition Black & White Freelanders are now on sale at 22,495 quids for the two-wheel drive variant. Its all wheel drive manual transmission version goes for 23,495 quids while the automatic version goes for 24,995 quids.

Jules @ December 19, 2012

Bentley: More power out of the W12 engine

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The fastest Bentley to roll out of the production line was recently launched in Germany. The luxury car manufacturer hinted that a more potent version of the Bentley W12 powerplant is on its way. The new Bentley Continental GT Speed has a 625 hp, twin-turbocharged 6.0L engine under its hood that can bring the car to 205 mph. A senior engineer of Bentley confirmed though that this engine can still crank out more.

The Bentley Speed maybe the fastest in the range but it is not the most powerful of the Continental GT lineup. The Supersports that was released back in 2009 was more potent at 630 horses. A similar version for the latest car can bring the figure up to around 650 hp. Even in its 630hp variant, the W12 can bring out 105hp for every liter, which suggests that more power can be extracted without harming the drivability or the reliability of the vehicle.

Bentley has engine reliability on top of its list. Among its tough durability tests for the W12 is a 100-hour session with the engine on full throttle. This test can be compared to a 20,000 mile run at 200 mph. They also did the scuff test where the engine was brought to the rev limiter range a hundred times within half a minute.

Both the Continental GT and the W12 powerplant have been essential parts of the successful Bentley formula. Since its roll out in 2003, there have been 26,000 units of the two-door coupe delivered to make the brand the most prolific maker of twelve-cylinder engines.

Jules @ October 30, 2012

First Lotus Exiges S rolls out of production line amid company turmoil

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Lotus is on shaky grounds at the moment. It has on its plate a CEO that was recently canned, revision of its future product plans, and a possible VW buyout. Despite all of these things, it is business as usual for the car manufacturer with the very first unit of the Exige S rolling of the production line.

The Exige S was first unveiled in 2011 during the auto show in Frankfurt. It is a supercharged, performance beast that just weighs 2,380 pounds and has an engine that can output 345 horsepower. It sports a V-6 force-fed engine just like what you can find in the Evora S. Basically the Exige S is a little car that has a big engine.

The V-6 has a displacement of 3.5 liters that can be considered a monster because of the car’s comparatively small body. The vehicle has two hundred pounds more than its 4-cylinder variant, the standard Exige.

The Exige S is still a very potent performance car despite the additional weight. The Exige S may hit the US shore as a track-only vehicle.

If you want to understand the architecture of the Exige S, why it does very well on the track and still being friendly to a driver who’s still learning, watch the video from Lotus below:

If you are among those keeping their fingers crossed for this brand, who knows, we might see a roadster version of the Exige S in a matter of several months.

Jules @ July 31, 2012

Lotus may launch Esprit Supercar by 2014, waits for DRB-Hicom green light

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2013-lotus-esprit-conceptLotus might have been ranting on its Facebook account and have been accusing that Dany Bahar, its CEO, was missing in action but it has been trying to separate the facts and rumors surrounding the stories. Lotus is also focused on the planned launch of their sports cars in the future.

During the auto show in Paris back in 2010, Lotus unwrapped five concept sports cars which were all confirmed to hit the production pipeline. These concepts were the following: Elan, Eterne 4-door coupe, Elite grand tourer, and the Esprit Supercar. There is also the replacement for the bread and butter of the brand, the Elise.

The first among the bunch of the sports cars that will be rolled out is the Lotus Esprit supercar that is set to be launched by 2013. Changes to the plans were made though as we last heard.

Since the announcements back in Paris, the car manufacturer has been battling major hurdles like its parent company now being controlled by a private firm, losing its market for the Exige and the Elise in the United States, and its too much work on motorsports. The carmaker though is still pushing for their plans saying that they will be profitable in the next few years and hoping that the funding for their products will not be hampered.

During a recent interview, Dany Bahar shared that the Esprit launch was pushed back two years from now or on 2014. This forecast is the soonest possible but still adjustments might come especially as the brand still awaits the go signal from DRB Hicom which acquired the former parent company of Lotus, Proton.

The new parent company is still looking thru the books of Lotus and reviewing the ambitious plans of the sports car manufacturer. The work though at the factory of Lotus in Hethel in the UK have restarted.

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Jules @ April 25, 2012

Lexus releases the “Beast” at the Super Bowl

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Fans of the Giants are celebrating after the recent Super Bowl. We know this sporting event now brings more than the touchdowns. It has the great half time show and multi-million ad placements of the biggest brands in the planet. One of the ads was from Lexus and the luxury car brand launched the “Beast” amid the football game.

Lexus fielded their first ever advertisement during a Super Bowl game last weekend. You might have seen a preview before over the internet but we have here the full video launched during the Super Bowl XLVI in case you missed it.

The clip below puts spotlight on the 2013 GS by Lexus and the vehicle breaks free from all the restrictions symbolizing the new direction the company wants to take in terms of its design lines for its rides.

Lexus will be releasing an updated range and new line of products this year and what they did below during the big game was show millions of viewers that Lexus is a brand that deserves their attention. We are pretty sure the ad placement will help in renewing the interest of the consumers in Lexus.

Take note that at the end of the video, the manufacturer gives a hint of four vehicles that may be unveiled by Lexus in 2012. They are there just waiting on the sidelines until they should come to the scene.

Automakers flooded the Super Bowl scene trying to spark a boom in the industry. Other brands which tried to push their products into the market thru the big football even are Cadillac, Audi, Hyundai, Suzuki, Kia, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen.

Jules @ February 16, 2012

Mercedes previews future infotainment technology with @yourCOMAND system

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Mercedes-Benz debuted its new high tech infotainment system when it unveiled the F 125! concept vehicle.

The COMAND system are aimed at people who are practically connected all the time, so the system has internet connection with access to some cool features. The functions of the @yourCOMAND are designed to make life a lot easier. You can program the navigation remotely, set the climate control of the vehicle from your mobile phone, and use gestures of your hand to operate important functions.

The system is still a few years away from getting into the production pipeline but Mercedes-Benz confirmed that they will be implementing a COMAND system by 2012. They added that this system is designed to be used by iPhone owners. Once your phone is connected with the system, users can get some apps that can send useful information to the display of the car which can then be used with the COMAND system.

If you do not own an iPhone, you should not feel left out as Mercedes also plans to tap the MirrorLink used by HTC, Samsung, and Nokia. There will also be a support so pairing different kinds of phone to the @yourCOMAND system will be a breeze without requiring pass codes or having to search for the device. These technologies might be on the market by 2013.

Here is a video about the COMAND infotainment system:

Jules @ November 2, 2011

Video: Camaro ZL1 chief engineer gives a tour of the ride

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The Camaro ZL1 is expected to hug the asphalt of US roads by next year and the anticipation of Chevrolet fans and muscle car lovers goes higher and higher. Chevrolet knows how to play it well with the crowd and tease us by bringing the Camaro ZL1 out of its garage.

The latest trip of the Camaro ZL1 was in Ontario, Canada during the Camaro Homecoming Event. The car manufacturer released a video of the Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer of the Chevrolet Camaro , to give us a tour of the powerful ride.

The chief engineer hints that the Camaro will also be released to have automatic transmission in the future to give in to the requests of the consumers. He relates the reasons behind the redesign of the components of the ZL 1 including the new parts that has to be introduced with the Camaro ZL1. We do not want to spoil everything so click on the video below for the tour of the ZL1:

The 2012 Camaro ZL1 will sport a supercharged LSA 6.2L V8 which can produce at 550 horsepower while revving at 6,100 rpm. It can generate about 550 lb-feet of torque at 3,800 rpm. The powerful heart of the car is mated with a six-speed TR 6060 manual transmission and comes with a shorter shifter for more efficient gear changes. The Camaro ZL1 also boasts of a dual mode setup for its exhaust system that gives off that powerful and deep vroom. Get your bank accounts ready in the early part of 2012 if you want this muscle car in your garage.

Maicon @ August 16, 2011

Jaguar plans to manufacture 750,000 units by year 2018

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2012-Jaguar-XKR-S-SportWhen luxury car brand Jaguar was still under the wings of the Premiere Auto Group, it simmered down on its ambitious big-volume plans. But they are with Tata now and they are scaling up their volumes once more. It has yet to be made official but Jaguar is said to be planning to manufacture around 750,000 units by the end of year 2018 with the help of Land Rover as its partner. Yes, Jaguar is back to its big-volume dreams as the 750,000 units plan is about three times as much as its present production figures suggest.

The new breeds of executives of these car companies have agreed make engines that are more fuel-efficient and vehicle designs and production procedures that are more applicable to a wider range.

With these in mind, the Land Rover needs to evaluate several components of its upcoming models while Jaguar is working on revamping the XF model that comes with a corresponding wagon counterpart that will be launched in the last quarter of the year. By the year 2013, Jaguar is said to launch sports car models with lighter price tags and a family-friendly car model that will go head to head with the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes-Benz C-class range. There are also planning to launch new versions for XK and XF models by 2014.

There also word that Jaguar is brainstorming about the creation of a four-door shooting brake system that will debut along with the next-generation XF models. This plan is speculated to give the sales a boost by almost 15 percent.

Maicon @ March 6, 2011

McLaren coming up with new F1 supercar by 2012

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mclarenMcLaren will be releasing the new F1 supercar come 2012 or roughly two years earlier than its original release.

The new McLaren supercar is expected to come later this decade as the car manufacturer has its hands full setting up another company, creating the MP4-12C, and making sure they have a good network of dealers to sell their lineup.

According to insiders, the new F1 will be a revolutionary supercar which will be distinguished as such. This is the other side of the coin to its sibling the MP4-12C which receives criticisms for its unadventurous design lines.

The new McLaren F1 is being pushed by an excellent development program which could be the fastest and most efficient the car industry has seen so far.

The new F1 supercar will have a mid engine setup on its carbon fiber monocoque with a similar architecture to the MP4-12C. Despite the intention to be really radical, the car will still have traces of the F1 brood. It is also not clear if it will take the original configuration of the car where the driving seat is placed centrally.

The F1 on the works is expected to implement technologies that will put emphasis on keeping the weight of the car down.

McLaren has not released any information yet with regard to the powerplant of the F1 but I may possibly come with solutions for low emission.

Maicon @ August 23, 2010